Episode 1 – One Direction

Jake and John Pod
Jake and John Pod
Episode 1 - One Direction

Do you hear something?  It’s the sound of two rambling jackasses!  Welcome to the first official episode of Jake and John Pod!  I say official as we actually have a few recorded, but I wanted to at least start off with an episode that was recorded within the same week that it was released, since we often talk about topical things.  We mostly talk about the Xbox One this time, as it was relevant to our interests.  Listening back on it, I thought it involved more complaining about complainers… but it really wasn’t that bad.

Hopefully this podcast will be slightly informative while somewhat entertaining.  If it’s neither… oh well.  This is what I want to do, so I just did it, as Colt Cabana said on why he started his podcast The Art of Wrestling.  At worst this will just be a nice recorded history of how things were.  I’m talking to you, Future!

We’re going to try to stick to a bi-weekly format.  I would love to do weekly, but that’s a check I just can’t cash right now.  And maybe we’ll branch out to social media… but I see that as more of an outlet to release our episodes.  I barely update my own stuff as it is!

Fair warning:  this and every episode upcoming may contain spoilers without a verbal “spoiler” tag.  Also, this episode and the following contain explicit language.  If you can’t handle that, this isn’t for you.  So get your hellin‘ damnin’ ass back in your bitchin’ damn room, damn it!

Episode highlights include:

  • Weekly Jump
  • John forgets a main character
  • I forget a current event story involving Vladimir Putin
  • I broke a man law
  • Rippin’ on Westbrook
  • Xbox One
  • I want my witch baby
  • Sony forgets some things
  • More Xbox One
  • John gets his news from memes
  • Final Fantasy XIII was the dumbest Fallout
  • The WiiU is the Gary Johnson of consoles
  • Nintendo was first!
  • … and more!

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Title song:  Coheed and Cambria – Key Entity Extraction I: Domino the Destitute

3 thoughts on “Episode 1 – One Direction

  1. Fyi Black ops 2 had the best story line I think by far. the features on are amazing,

    also you guys are retarded.

    • I’ve really only played the Modern Warfare series. Maybe I’ll go through the two Black Ops one of these days. Lord knows my gaming backlog is practically infinite…

      Can’t argue with the retard comment either. Love you too, Matt.

    • Thanks for that Matt, and the story line for Black Ops was a little off for me especially the end. You have me intrigued now tho so I may find a way to play it soon. Or maybe not.

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