Episode 41 – Manners Maketh Man

Jake and John Pod
Episode 41 - Manners Maketh Man

Warning! This episode is John free.

We’ve gotta stop taking these breaks! We’re trying something new with this one, as this is the first (numbered) episode to not feature John as the co-host. Shawn (@zashu) makes another guest appearance, but this time as the co-host. This means I can actually talk a little wrestling this episode and someone gets it! And then business as usual.

Shawn also reviewed a Rockstar energy drink as bonus content.

Preview pic is some of our topics for this episode:

And as always, check out bitblastnetwork. I finally listened to a new bitblastpostcast, but I am still way behind. Also there are so many to choose from!

Some episode highlights include:

  • Mad Max Rockstar Energy Drink (see video above)
  • Shine 29 Review
  • Check out our buddy Jay (@chugsurf)
  • Check out Shine and other great indy wrestling at WWN Live
  • Kingsman – The Secret Service
  • MCU’s Civil War
  • MGSV: The Phantom Pain
  • Mad Max Video Game
  • Fightin’ Games
  • Adi Shankar’s Castlevania
  • Riddick
  • 80 mph Question (and the video in question)
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta

Click here for all of the places you can find us!

Title song: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird

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