Episode 9 – Just Like the Fenix

Jake and John Pod
Jake and John Pod
Episode 9 - Just Like the Fenix

It’s what you and three guys in Russia have been waiting for… the return of Jake and John Pod!  Starting off the new year fresh… or at least as fresh as we can.  There’s a little bit of rust, but it’s the same two arguing jackasses!

After beginning to listen to the final draft, I made a resolution for less editing.  Not that I’ve ever really edited content, just quality.  I think I’m getting too picky for an amateur podcast and it still sounds pretty good without me cutting out all that I can.  Although John still sounds like Darth Vader half the time when he’s not talking.  Don’t let him know that though, he might think it’s a compliment.  There’s also some echo-ey crap that reminds me of our first episode that I don’t have time to figure out.  It’s not too bad, and it happens to .bitblast:thepodcast from time to time as well, and they’re better than us!

I try and talk about games and movies from last year with varying results, but we actually have a new segment: Obsessed with Star Wars!  John and myself take 5 random questions each out of 2,500 that go above, beyond, and throughout all six films.  Some of these are tough, as you’ll hear and really test our fandom.  I’ll keep a running scoreboard each episode.  Current standings as of this week:

  1. John – 3
  2. Jake – 2

Episode highlights include:

  • Does a phoenix truly die?
  • Rust
  • The last cartoon from the 90’s
  • A documentary about bronies
  • Hinga Dinga Zelda
  • If John could turn back time
  • No one gives a shit
  • Pile of Shame
  • John tries to preach economics
  • Pirates are cool
  • The Circle K Homophobe
  • John doesn’t pay attention… again
  • Earthbound > Black Ops
  • Tusk gets a wide release
  • Good does not equal big
  • Something we can agree on… Star Wars
  • Is streaming in the future?
  • Funky Flow
  • Games
  • Top 10 Grossing Films of 2013
  • Superman vs. Batman
  • Impatience for Star Wars
  • Obsessed with Star Wars
  • John makes promises that we can’t keep
  • Social media in the future?

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Title song:  Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix

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