Episode 1 – Big Bang

The Masters of Nothing
The Masters of Nothing
Episode 1 - Big Bang

Be prepared for a new era of podcasting! From the ashes of Jake and John Pod rises The Masters of Nothing!

Welcome to the first episode of the re-branded Jake and John Pod! It’s a change mostly in name, as you’re really getting the same show you know and love. I am hoping that we can add more than just the name, but it’s a great start.

The creator of the internationally successful card game Sutures (which you can buy for yourself here. Also the Twitter for it is here), Jared Stokes (Here’s his Instagram and his website), joins us as we talk about his card game and then some Star Wars, and then some other stuff. He also made our logo, which if you couldn’t tell is pretty sweeeet.

Oh, and here are two “Uncle Chewie” comics. I mentioned one on the episode, but I actually confused it for another one. They’re both good! Click ’em to enlarge.

unclechewie2 unclechewie

Also note that I debated cleaving this episode in twain, but screw it. I’ll let John have his way, so enjoy this extra long one!

Preview pic is the box top for Sutures. Buy it!

And as always, check out bitblastnetwork, which includes our “sister podcast” as John likes to say.

Some episode highlights include:

  • Jared and Sutures
  • Trophies
  • Card Game Stories
  • Kickstarters
  • Megacon
  • Star Wars
  • A lot of Star Wars…
  • Civil War
  • Batman vs. Superman
  • Superhero Body Types
  • Michael Bay
  • Tracy Morgan and Best Buy
  • Naked People of Wal-Mart
  • Celebrity Deaths

Click here for all of the places you can find us!

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