Episode 30 – Too Pretty for James Cameron

The Masters of Nothing
The Masters of Nothing
Episode 30 - Too Pretty for James Cameron

No, we’re not talking about us. Although the title does probably apply.

Another month, another episode… we’re on a roll! The latest on what we usually talk about is discussed in this episode that might just be full of rabbit holes. Also, do I defend EA? I’ll let you decide that!

Preview pic is a screenshot I took from one of our main topics of discussion, Star Wars Battlefront II.


Some episode highlights include:

  • Battlefront II
  • Justice League
  • Thor
  • Punisher
  • … and other Marvel Media
  • Other Star Wars stuff
  • John is not secure
  • More Battlefront II
  • Blade Runner
  • TESD
  • Saw/Jigsaw

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