Episode 8 – Bend Me Over

The Masters of Nothing
The Masters of Nothing
Episode 8 - Bend Me Over

… and now my goldfish memory comes into play.

I know we talked about some video games and some hockey, but my memory is bad and I don’t remember much more specifics. To be honest, I didn’t listen back this time. Not only do I do that for quality control, but I also do it to have a more comprehensive summary. This time, I agreed to this method, but I honestly think the quality is good.

Here’s a little inside info, if you’re bothering to read this. I’m going by the skin of my teeth as far as editing on this one. I didn’t listen to it back this time. I didn’t cut anything. I’m hoping it’s ok. If you think it sounds like pure shite, please let me know and I’ll berate John until the end of days about how my method works. I agreed to this, as I think it’s probably fine. Also, because we procrastinated a bit.

Preview pic is some Gears 4. The Beta is still active!

Some episode highlights include:

  • Some election stuff
  • Amazon Prime Now
  • Gears of War 4
  • Starfox Zero
  • More video games!
  • UFC
  • Hockey

For the Stanley Cup bet, as of this writing John is currently ahead by one point… until the Ducks win.

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