Episode 16 – Nothing Else Matters

The Masters of Nothing
The Masters of Nothing
Episode 16 - Nothing Else Matters

It’s all clear!

Tim Westbrook joins me again for some podcasting, with the main focus being Gears of War 4. We beat the campaign last weekend and you get to a hear a summary of it (as we remember it), as well as our trials and tribulations. So join us for tales of the Swarm, wind flares, and leverage!

Also, fair warning if you’re actually reading this… THERE ARE SPOILERS ABOUND after about the 24:30 point! However, to reward you for listening through you have a shot at claiming the other 4 games in the Gears of War franchise. Here are the first parts of each code, and you can get the last two parts of each code by listening through our synopsis:

Gears of War: VPW6M-NK4M8-3M42Y-?????-?????

Gears of War 2: F6Q8Y-8VNV7-WC2RG-?????-?????

Gears of War 3: XPVYN-YVXR9-Q2XR6-?????-?????

Gears of War: Judgment: P39XJ-VYNRM-36KDV-?????-?????

Preview pic is for the “And You Said We Couldn’t Fly” achievement:

Some episode highlights include:

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