Episode 40 – Complain Culture

The Masters of Nothing
The Masters of Nothing
Episode 40 - Complain Culture

Proud hearts, sick minds. Complain culture is on the rise.

This one wraps around a few times. I just wanted to talk about concerts… I didn’t even bring up the subject. One day I’ll get control…. but probably not. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Also, check out Sturgis’s podcast Fresh|Clean|New

Preview pic: Those sweet Knights of Ren from the Vanity Fair article.

Some episode highlights include:

  • Concerts
  • Sports (but not really)
  • Concert Backtracking
  • USF
  • Complain Culture
  • In My Life
  • Watchmen and HBO
  • Star Wars
  • Saw Reboot
  • Apathy
  • Concerts Again

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