Episode 24 – Summer Movie Blockbuster Spectacular V

The Masters of Nothing
The Masters of Nothing
Episode 24 - Summer Movie Blockbuster Spectacular V

Shit. Pure shit.

It’s back! It’s our annual tradition! The Summer Movie Blockbuster Spectacular! Westbrook joins us this time and rules (followed loosely) are that we go over what we’ve seen in theaters and then we go over what we’re looking forward to. We also go over some other random stuff at the beginning.

If you’re interested in hearing our other 4 Spectaculars from years past, I’ve got links:

Preview pic is from Edgar Wright’s new film that I mention, because fuck John and his bad tastes:

Some episode highlights include:

  • Video Games
  • John’s take on Star Wars Celebration
  • Brief Wrestlemania stories
  • Summer Movie Blockbuster Spectacular

Also, I’m giving away a copy of Anomalisa. I mentioned the last for characters of the code on the show, here are the rest of the redemption instructions:


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